Territory of West Flanders in Belgium is the home to city known as Bruges. Bruges is the city which has a great deal of history and engineering inside its limits. The city is brimming with common magnificence with loads of park and characteristic greenery. Given the greenery and normal magnificence of this city is kept up and grown proficiently. Due to its lovely destinations the city is likewise a piece of the rundown of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bruges absolutely covers a territory of 13,840 hectares. Bruges likewise is the capital city of the area of West Flanders and is situated in the North West side of Belgium.

Bruges has an absolute populace of around 117,073 roughly, as indicated by January 2008 insights. The city in view of its noteworthy significance and characteristic magnificence, Bruges is now and then alluded to “Venice of North”.

Bruges generally produces its income from Tourism area as the city gets a great many guests for each year. The City is a location for sightseers due to its characteristic excellence and notable spots. There are a huge number of sights inside city limits. Among these noteworthy structures “The Church of Our Lady” is one which is intensely visited by vacationers from all around the globe. The structure of the congregation of Our Lady is as yet viewed as the world’s tallest structure made absolutely of blocks. Inside Bruges the most significant and most visited milestone is considered as steeple which was set up in the thirteenth century. The structure’s most significant region is the one which involves 48 ringers altogether. Alongside these authentic structures there are likewise numerous parks and exhibition halls which speak to genuine nature about the historical backdrop of Bruges.

Bruges is additionally extremely wealthy in its way of life and expressions. The city has an alluring night life. There are various venues inside the city and furthermore numerous lobbies which direct and sort out many live shows, symphonies, and stage occasions. Studio Hall and “The English Theater of Bruges” are some well known names in the field of expressions and culture. Film culture is extremely well known among individuals of Bruges. The city has three significant film lobbies which are completely packed with individuals in any event, during week days. Out of these films Cinema Liberty is one which is most visited.

Among galleries archeological gallery, Belfry and Museum of fables are the most significant and greatest of all. Among exhibition halls which are non metropolitan “Precious stone Museum” and “English Convert” are the most visited ones.